Where We Invest



Where We Invest

Strategic Capital for Industrial Businesses.

We invest in industrial businesses that share our values, benefit from our resources and can prosper as a member of our family for many years into the future. We invest not just financial capital, but shared management expertise, cutting edge technologies and a global network of cooperative businesses.

Our Approach

Long Term View

Long Term Focus

As a family-owned business with no outside investors, The Heico Companies is not constrained by traditional private equity investment horizons. We are focused on deploying our proprietary capital to support and grow our portfolio of businesses and create value for the long term.

Decentralized Operating Structure

Decentralized Operating Structure

Our portfolio management teams operate independently but share resources, customer and vendor relationships, and experience with the broader The Heico Companies organization. This decentralized but cooperative organizational structure unleashes synergies between our businesses while encouraging entrepreneurship.

Significant Resources

Significant Resources

Our dedicated corporate organization provides our portfolio companies with significant in-house resources unavailable to many of their competitors, including global sourcing, legal and compliance, IT, human resources and benefits, and EH&S services.

Our Investment Criteria






$50-$250 Million

$5+ Million

For new platform acquisitions we prefer businesses with $5 to $15 million in EBITDA. For add-on acquisitions that fit one of our existing portfolio companies, we have no minimum EBITDA, but prefer businesses with at least $5 million in sales.


North America & Europe


For new platform acquisitions, we prefer companies with headquarters based in North America or Europe. No geographic constraints for add-on acquisitions.




We view management teams as integral to the value of a business and look for businesses with strong and dedicated management teams with whom we can form long-term partnerships. For companies that have overlap with existing Heico businesses, we are open to arrangements where an owner / operator would like to transition away from the company after a period of time.



We require majority control in all of our investments.


EBITDA Margins > 10%, or a Path to Achieve Them

Our Industry Sectors

CSG Logo

Construction Solutions Group

Service companies with specialized skills and equipment serving the North American commercial construction and industrial markets.

    Examples include:
  • Commercial Construction Solutions
  • Industrial Construction Solutions
  • Construction Equipment
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Applied Solutions Group

Companies that manufacture proprietary parts and assemblies that are sold to OEMs or through specialty distribution for high performance, critical industrial applications.

    Examples include:
  • Electronics & Thermal Solutions
  • Cargo Solutions
  • Metal Solutions
  • Recycling Solutions
MPG Logo

Metal Processing Group

Companies that manufacture or fabricate engineered steel products.

    Examples include:
  • Steel Wire Products
  • Steel Fasteners
  • Wire Rod Products
ITG Logo

Industrial Technologies Group

Companies that manufacture special purpose equipment used in unique manufacturing, in material handling processes, or for performing technical or maintenance services.

    Examples include:
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Water Infrastructure
  • Capital Equipment
  • Specialty Solutions & Components

Investment Team

One of The Heico Companies’ core strengths is our highly experienced team of operating executives who provide strategic oversight and support to our diverse operations.

Emily Heisley Stoeckel
Steve Frediani_Senior Management
Steve Frediani
President and CEO

Emily Heisley Stoeckel, Chairman, and Steve Frediani, President and CEO, lead The Heico Companies' Executive Team. For management purposes, we organize our holdings into four key divisions: Applied Solutions Group, Industrial Technologies Group, Construction Solutions Group, and Metal Processing Group. These divisions are in turn supported by corporate Environmental Health and Safety, Human Resources, Legal, Finance, Sourcing, and Logistics resources. The executives who run these divisions are members of our senior leadership team that reports to our Chief Executive Officer.

Jon Hicks_SeniorManagement
Jon Hicks
Managing Director
Damien Kovary_SenoirManagement
Damien Kovary
Managing Director
Chris Rogers_SeniorManagement
Chris Rogers
Managing Director
Eric Gunia_SeniorManagement
Eric Gunia
Sr. Vice President

The Acquisition Team leads The Heico Companies’ identification, evaluation, and execution of new investments. These professionals partner with The Heico Companies’ operating and corporate executives to ensure that the right combination of skills and experience is applied to each opportunity.