Acquisition of Ancra Systems BV

Acquisition of Ancra Systems BV

11th May 2023

Acquisition of Ancra Systems BV

Published September, 2016

The Heico Companies announced that it has completed the acquisition of Ancra Systems BV.

Ancra Systems is a leader in the field of automatic truck loading and unloading systems, also known as ATLS. Headquartered in Boxtel, The Netherlands, Ancra Systems further expands Heico’s operations providing cargo securement solutions to the global transportation market.

"This acquisition will bring advanced loading system technology to the North American trucking and material handling sectors and extend the advantages of automation throughout the warehouse, to the docks and into the trailers," Steve Frediani, President and CEO of Heico’s Ancra Group, stated. "The addition of Ancra Systems positions Heico as a global player in the automated cargo management, loading, control and unloading space."

Recognized as an innovative leader in material handling and ATLS in Europe, the Middle East and South America, Ancra Systems has helped many multinational blue-chip customers realize dramatic improvements in efficiency, equipment utilization gains, and reduced product damage.Loading and unloading a 53-foot trailer with palletized cargo can commonly take between 30 and 45 minutes using a forklift.

By contrast, loading and unloading a trailer using one of several automated systems from Ancra Systems can be accomplished in about three minutes and reduces the opportunity for human error which significantly increases the safety of the loading and unloading process.

"Automation and the efficiencies it brings has already permeated many dimensions of manufacturing and warehouse operations in Europe and North America," Marc Hezemans, managing director for Ancra Systems, said. "The difference is that many European operations have been enjoying the additional benefits of our automated truck loading and unloading systems for more than 20 years."

The most likely candidates for the company's system applications are manufacturers or distributors of high volume, relatively standardized products operating in closed-loop environments, JIT scenarios and certain one-way loading applications. Industries include trucking, logistics, material handling, food, beverage, cold chain and a wide variety of manufacturers, particularly tier-one and tier-two suppliers in close proximity to customers.

"We are excited to bring our automatic loading and unloading systems to the North American market, and we expect to have our North American sales and technical support in position early in 2017," Marcel Berkers, sales director for Ancra Systems, said. "We've watched these systems positively change industries around the world, and we expect the same thing to occur here in North America."

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